Welcome to America Where We Are All Human Beings

I was studying Spanish in the park when I looked up to see a bumper sticker that read, “Welcome to America. We Speak English Here”
I was kind of dumbfounded for a second.
I thought of my sister and her lovely, hardworking family who emigrated here from Poland. They speak Polish whenever they feel like doing so..
Then I thought about all of the people this stupid bumper sticker has made feel terrible.
I think our racial “tensions” stem from feeling scared of and threatened by what is different from us. At the end of the day our language, culture, and the number of melanosomes in our cells do not change the commonality between us; we’re human beings.
I think that’s why I like Jesus so much. Jesus didn’t care about people’s cultural background or social status. Jesus lived and taught that people are worth loving simply because they’re people. I want to live like that.