Hello Friends,

My name is Gabrielle. I have a brood of siblings and I love big loud families.

I’m a college student and my major is Interdisciplinary Studies. Interdisciplinary Studies can be roughly defined as  I don’t like rules/being told what to do.

I love St. Louis. I believe in St. Louis. I want to see the city and people of St. Louis thrive.

Which brings me to Spirit of St. Louis, an ongoing initiative to prove the real spirit of St. Louis is found in the loving people.

We have found ourselves at the center of many news stories this past year. I do not wish to trivialize our issues. I do  wish to shed light on the truly amazing people, organizations, and businesses who make up this city.

Spirit of St. Louis is also a call to reject apathy. I believe we are generation of game changers. I propose we spend a lot less time debating and a lot more time loving and caring about the people in our city.

Join the movement! //

Follow @SpiritofSTL on Instagram to find ways to get involved and to learn about the people who embody the loving Spirit of St. Louis! #SpiritofSTL


Love Your Guts,




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